The greatest gift that I’ve been given,

Is God’s Word that I’m forgiven.

There’s nothing better on this Earth,

Than receiving the miracle of rebirth.


So having stated that assumption,

I’ll continue without presumption:

The next best gift of all my life,

Is the last forty-five years with my wife.


She has been with me at my side

Since the day she became my bride.

And we’ve lived our life together,

In both calm and stormy weather.


In His grace God made us one,

With each other and with His Son.

So this day of anniversary is no different,

Than all the others.  They’re all magnificent!


Jim Shimer

June 7, 2014

Wichita, KS


The Seventh of June

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Although I wrote this 40 years ago, it refers to 45 years ago, June 7, 1969.  Forty-five wonderful years!

15 July, 1974

The seventh of June, there was no moon.
It was a rainy night you see.
Rain in the city is not very pretty;
It’s just not my cup of tea.

I’m from the plains, so it causes me pain
To see a good rain go to waste.
It fell on the streets made of concrete;
Kansas wheat got nary a taste.

Many were there, this evening to share,
In the ritual about to take place.
Though the weather that night was really a fright;
Of gloom there was not a trace.

There stood the boy, his heart full of joy,
As he thought of this change in his life.
In walked the girl, her heart in a whirl.
Out walked a man and his wife.

The Gift

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The Gift

Jim Shimer

June 1, 2014

In God’s grace, He rescued me,

He gave me life and set me free.

Free from sin and sin’s disgrace

Of condemnation, I’ve not a trace.


Yet still I find I disobey

And try to live in my own way.

But God is faithful and forgiving

In spite of all my prideful sinning.


For when Christ died He received the wages

Of man’s sins all through the ages.

The wage of death is what was paid Him

By His choice, for no-one made Him.


Now I stand in God’s bright light

All my sins are in plain sight.

But the Father doesn’t see the sins I’ve done,

He sees the righteousness of Christ, His Son!


To deny you sin is to say God’s Word’s a lie.

(Another sin,for which you’ll die,)

Unless you turn to Christ and live,

For that’s the gift He wants to give.

Live in the Light

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In my men’s Bible study we’ve been looking at how Adam and Eve chose poorly (to believe Satan’s lie instead of God’s truth) and after sinning tried to cover up. Ever since then man’s been trying to cover up. So while thinking about this and about the choice each person must make at some time, I wrote this poem drawing on 1st. John as well. This was during a staff retreat at Rock Springs.

Live in the Light

Those living in darkness instead of in light,
Can’t see the truth in the darkness of night.

But light conquers darkness and always will win
If the one trapped in darkness lets the light enter in.

But truth can’t be obtained by a person’s own might.
It’s a gift coming down from the Father of lights.

The battle is raging and the One who will win,
Is the One who is chosen by the soul lost in sin.

But we only can choose Him if He gives us sight,
To see through the darkness the beauty of light.

Here is the paradox of standing naked in light,
No longer hiding in the darkness of night.

You find your sins covered by the blood of God’s Son.
The battle is over. The victory is won.

You’re standing there with Him right by your side.
For He has redeemed you and made you His bride.

Jim Shimer
Rock Springs camp

The Truth

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I posted this almost a year ago, but I’m posting it again now as it may be more timely today than a year ago. I’m finding I need to remind myself of the truth more often as I see more and more of the worldly things we’re tempted to rely on falling flat.

The Truth

Today we can look around and see
Reflections of eternity.
For those whose hopes are wealth and glitz,
Have seen their dreams get blown to bits.

Some whose rise to success was steep,
Find the things they built on the rubbish heap.
And we who are proud of the USA,
Must wonder if she has had her day.

For the things of this world decay and rust,
And our pursuit of them is much like lust.
We think that without them we’ll surely die,
But these same things can’t satisfy.

So we’re left with shells of empty dreams,
That lead to tears and even screams.
Attaining wealth or reaching lofty goals,
Cannot feed our starving souls.

We’ll never be fulfilled inside,
Unless that’s where the Lord resides.
We’ll never see the truth of God’s plan,
While chasing after the approval of man.

For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit.
And we can’t know the truth if we don’t hear it.
The wisdom of God passed down through the ages,
Is written out in the Bible all through it’s pages.

We’re feeding our bodies and starving our souls,
When we turn from God to pursue our goals.
It’s far better to do it the other way,
And feed on God’s Word each day.

Then whether we live or whether we die,
We won’t be guilty of living a lie.
We won’t be lost if we follow His way,
And trust in the Lord…now…today.

February 1, 2009


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You can work day and night to achieve your dreams oh so grand,
Yet wake up to find your house is built on the sand.
Though the rivers of troubles may be dry for a season,
They can suddenly flood and you won’t know the reason.

But those with heavenly goals and hearts full of giving,
In the midst of a flood tide find life worth the living.
Giving is not to finance what God wants to do.
He’s self-sufficient and He doesn’t need you.

To be a Biblical giver, before you can start,
The grace of God must flow in your heart.
If you’ve not yet accepted Jesus as Lord,
All of your giving will reap no reward.

A truly rich man is one who knows that he’s poor.
And knows that his poverty runs clear to his core.
Because he is helpless, he draws on God’s power,
And finds it available no matter the hour.

And though he’ll still discover one day,
That a flood of troubles is headed his way,
The real danger from flooding is just so much talk,
When the God fearing man builds his house on the Rock.

November 6, 2003
James C. Shimer

The Call

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Although this is written in the context of a call to missions, it certainly applies to many of the ways we’re called to obedience and how we try to redefine the call or instruction to fit our own preference or comfort zone. Though I did answer the “call” to missions, I struggle with other “calls” the Lord puts on my life and behavior. We’re all such prideful creatures it’s hard to submit, even to the Creator of the universe.

The Call

It seems like the things we want to hear,
Come through to us loud and clear.
We can find the smallest clue
Buried deep in Zephaniah, chapter two.

When the question is to buy or not,
We can hear God say we ought.
We’ll find a verse to say,
“Don’t put it off another day!”

Of course, we know that verse is for us.
It’s as clear as a billboard on a bus.
We’ll drive that new car to church each week,
Knowing we’ll find the things we seek.

If at church there is a need,
We pray and ask God to lead.
Then we watch and wait for a sign,
Like when He turned water into wine.

Of course, we’ll gladly give our due,
If God will clearly tell us to.
Until we hear Him speak or holler,
We’ll do our part and give a dollar.

When the question is serving overseas,
Where people die of strange disease,
Then there surely must be a call,
A call by name, not just “ya’ll.”

Those who feel they’ve heard His call,
To go and serve and give their all
Need our help. And we’ll be giving. . .
As soon as we pay the high cost-of-living.

What about the Great Commission?
Well, it seems there’s been an omission.
It’s implied. . .there at the end.
If some go, some must stay and send.

That must be it. God wants us to stay
And witness here in the U.S. of A.
We can do things here in God’s name,
Like drive the youth group to a Royals game.

But, of course, we’re willing to go.
We’re just waiting for God to tell us so.
Meanwhile, we think we hear him say,
Recycle! Save your pop can today.

Gemena, Zaire
22 August, 1991

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